The Soldiers of Shaytaan


You know how when you start coming closer to the deen and the people you know becomes the people you once knew? And how they leave you to it on your own and you’re left feeling like the black sheep. No one around you understands you anymore. None of your family. None of your friends. Nobody.

And it comes to a point where you just want to stop being ‘too holy’ and have fun again. Be with your friends and do crazy things and just live life. And you want your friends back. You want them back so badly. Before you decide to throw yourself back in that hole, here is a true story of someone went through the exact same thing you did. Ask yourself if it’s a wise decision to make.

May Allah the almighty surround us with people who are strong and steadfast, people who bring us closer to Him and people who are sincere and wants nothing but good for us. And may Allah, the controller of the hearts keep our hearts firm upon the deen.

يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبى على دينك


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