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When the graves are flung upon and the souls are called!
When the tormented will wish for torment rather than to give account!
When the pious shall not fear!
When the body gives testimony against the soul!
When no friend will stand for each other!
When a mother runs from her child!
What will you say? What will I say?
When the blessings are counted out one by one! Each, a mountain compared to the pebble of good we did!
When each moment is shown!
When the loser realizes he sacrificed the fountain for a sip of dirty water!
When he runs to Allah’s Messenger begging for comfort and the angels drag his worthless corpse away!
When Hell is dragged forth and the sun is thrown in!
When the naked will not even glance at each other!
When everything you were told shall come to pass!
When the criminals and…

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