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Hidden Armies of Allah

In Surah al-Qasas, the mother of Musa (`alayhisalam) is commanded:

“… But when you fear for him, cast him into the sea…”

[al-Qasas: 7]

In order for Musa to survive, he had to be thrown into the sea. However, several passages later, Allah `azza wa jall says about Pharaoh (who Musa was being saved from):

“… So We took him (Pharaoh) and his soldiers and threw them into the sea.”

[al-Qasas: 40]

Incredible. The sea that was a tool for saving Musa, was the same sea that was a tool for destroying Pharaoh and his army.

In life, we can never truly know what Allah `azza wa jall will use as His Force and Power. His army is hidden among nature, among changing circumstances, among the apparent or the unknown. Many times, the things we fear might very well be the cause of our salvation, while the things we feel safe from can actually bite us. The river did not harm Musa (`alayhisalam) despite his weakness and vulnerability, and yet it did not save Pharaoh and his army despite their number and strength. Subhan’Allah, always be with Allah and He will use the forces of this world, both hidden and apparent, to help you, protect you, and save you, even if you are seen as weak. You just gotta be with Allah and believe in His power and forces.

help from Allah



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