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Change is needed, change is a must.

Sitting amongst the people I grew up around after 2 years made me realize how crucial it is to change. To grow. To develop. Everyone was the same – physically, mentally and spiritually. It was hard to watch, yet so expected. The whole time I sat there and thought to myself if they’ve realized that their way isn’t the right way.


In a short period of 2 years, my mother has made sales of more than US$150,000,000. There is a point to writing this and it is not Kibr. My mother wears the Niqab and she made serious changes in a company that was filled with employees who were cheating and bribing. She is not the Chairman but the Chairman listens to her and signs nothing without her knowledge because of his trust in my mother. She is very straight and very difficult to deal with, so difficult that a buyer once told her over the phone “Dealing with you is like dealing with a thousand men”. She takes nothing lightly and makes sure she screens every single word and punctuation on contracts, receipts, emails – every single document that needs to be read. And because her buyers are from all around the world, they are all in different time zones, so she has to work around the clock.

To her, her work is an Amanah that was entrusted to her by Allah. She always says “Amanah is as heavy as a mountain, and it is a trust which you will be asked about on yawm al qiyaamah.”

Her success is Tawfeeq from Allah. Unlike hidayah that Allah either grants through a servant seeking it or through His mercy, Tawfeeq can only be granted by those who seek it. When a person works smart and does more than others accompanied with sincere obedience to Him and wanting his affair to be proper and correct, Allah rewards them with success.

I believe that Tawfeeq is not for 3 types of people:

1. Those who sit at home and wait for someone to send them money

2. Those who preach Islam and expects solely from charity

3. Those who work but disobeys Allah in Ibadaah and Muamalat (leaves salah, dresses to seduce, bribery, lying and all other forms of corruption)

Tawfeeq comes from blood, sweat and tears and from desiring it! You have to want Allah to be in charge of your affairs.

My mother was always a businesswoman but she has never had success like she has today. And that is because she changed her ways. She tries her level best to deal with everything in the way that pleases Allah. I know very few people that has Tawfeeq from Allah in their successes and I know countless people whose success is but a test from Allahwhether or not they do good or evil with the wealth.

I am preety sure that if not all, most of them realized. Because every single one of them had a look of regret on their faces. I pray that Allah has mercy on them and guides them to the right path.

And as for me, I too have a come a long way and I did not realize the degree of how much I have grown until that day I sat amongst the people I was once like. Alhamdulillah for who I am today. Alhamdulillah for my mother who taught me to be firm in what I believe and always stand my ground and who taught me to live with integrity. And my husband who developed and who continues to develop me into a better human being. They are both one of a kind and an extremely rare find. I thank Allah for him and I thank Allah for blessing me with the honor of waking up to him for the rest of my life and I know for certain that he is the person that I want to be with in my eternal life. If I had to choose from amongst the proposals all over again, I would choose him a thousand times over and not for emotional reasons. I would choose him because I know he is good for me. He develops me physically, mentally and spiritually and it is due to this very fact that we are emotionally attached. And that I feel is what a relationship is suppose to be about. This way, it is more real and everlasting.

I don’t know what a perfect marriage is but I know mine is perfect because we continue to grow together into better people and we don’t stay the same or become less of who we are. May Allah preserve us.


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