~ Fajr Reflections #2 ~

The little reminders of life that impact you the most.

|-| Fajr |-|

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

My penned thoughts…

Do good deeds not because you are righteous, but because you want righteousness to enter your heart. Give in charity not because you are rich, but because you are truly poor (in the Sight of Allah). Love others and seek the good in them not because they treat you well, but because it’s your nature to love and not hate. Live & do things because you want to be a greater person not because you currently are.

Leave a trace of your kindness wherever you go.
Leave a mark of goodness wherever you traverse.
Leave a legacy behind and keep walking on.

It’s incredible to know how much Allah loves us despite our shortcomings, how much He guides us despite our stubbornness, how much He forgives and overlooks despite our persistence, but most of all, it’s amazing to know how much He protects…

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