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Inner peace


What is this “inner peace” that people so often talk about? There’s at least one thousand books that have been written on it. Millions of people pay for retreats to countries like Nepal, India and China in search of it – all the way to search for something that is within them, something inside of them. SubhanAllah how ironic can it get.

So what is it? What is inner peace? It’s a good question.

I think it’s this calmness in your soul. It’s a soul at peace with it’s doings. A soul that is equally as accepting of its blessings as it is it’s trials. An accepting soul. The kind of acceptance that says “Thank you Allah for this difficulty, I know it is a blessing from you. I accept it and I submit my life to You. You know what is best for me. And I put my trust in You alone”

When in every situation, easy or difficult, your soul accepts it as a blessing from Allah.

I know how hard it can be sometimes. How painful it is to let go or to accept some things as they are. But you know what? It’s okay. It’s okay to feel that pain. Allow yourself to feel it while you find ways to heal it. What’s important is, you don’t cause more pain to yourself by violating the goodness in your soul.

How does one violate the goodness within themselves? Through sins. Because Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala created us and wants nothing but good for us. If He says something is forbidden, it is because it will harm you. And it will harm the people around you too. Allah created us in pureness and all things good. Our fitrah is inclined towards good. When we do the opposite through committing sins, we create waves in our soul. Little by little, higher and higher until it turns into a storm. We create a storm in our soul. And when there is a storm, there is no peace.

How do we calm the storm we created? Look back at how we created the storm and do the opposite of that. Repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Replace the sins with good deeds. Do more good deeds than the sins we did and race of every little deed. Whether it’s not killing an ant or taking care and feeding a cat, smiling, helping someone carry their shopping bags, giving up arguing, whatever little act of kindness for the sake of Allah, do it. Don’t do it for the praise of people but do it lillah.

Betrayal, abuse, loss, love. . . We all have a story. Everyone of us is going through something. And you know what? Everyone of us is looking for the same thing. Happiness. And happiness is inner peace. You cannot be happy if there’s no peace inside of you can you?

Allah is the source of peace. . .

‘Allahumma Antas-Salam wa minkas-salam. Tabarakta ya Dhal-jalali wal-ikram.
O Allah, You are As-Salam, From You is all peace, blessed are You O Possessor of majesty and honour. [Ibn Majah hadith #925]

Rasulullah (salAllahu alayhi wasallam) use to make this duaa after every obligatory salah. And subhanAllah, what a beautiful and profound praise it is. If there is one man in this world who knew what inner peace was, it is Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasallam). And it was his closeness to Allah that gave him that.
If we followed Allah’s command and the sunnah of Rasulullah, would we not find that which we are looking for?

SubhanAllah, it is Allah who is the source and it is Him who grants.
Seek that peace from Allah. Stop the sins, obey Allah and obey His Rasul, seek knowledge about the deen, follow the sunnah of Rasulullah. Live the life of a Muslim and behave like a Muslim. And you will find that inner peace. When you seek knowledge, you will learn things you never knew and your Imaan will become stronger. You will have a deeper understanding about this temporary life. You will learn that it’s never going to be perfect here. This life was not made to be perfect. There will be hurt, there will be pain, loss, disappointment. . . There will always be all of that in this life. But what matters is that those emotions don’t become the cause of our destruction. And that it doesn’t deviate us from our purpose. When we understand this life, it will become easier for us to accept all of things that happen to us. When you can accept, you will be at peace.

Sometimes you meet people in life who will give you the feeling you never knew existed. It’s an indescribable feeling but I call it peace. It’s just so pure and calm and peaceful being with them. Some people can give you that it’s true. But you know what, subhanAllah. There are just a tool that Allah uses to send you that feeling. It came from Allah. If we stay close to Him, that feeling will last. If we depended on that person, that tool, it will leave us and we will be hurt. It’s Allah’s way of navigating us back to Him.

Ultimately our goal is Jannat al firdaws. Where perfection is. Where you will be with the people you love in pure bliss. Nothing negative. They will not hurt you and you will not hurt them. Real. Love. We will have that there. Perfect everything. So strive in the dunya for that perfection in the akhira. Allah has made clear to us how to get there so follow His commandments and stay away from His prohibitions.

Accept and let go. Of the grudges, of the hurt, the anger, the love that you can’t have. Accept that it is the way it is and let go. Lillah, for His sake. Put your trust in Allah and I promise you, He will give you more than you ever imagined having.

Yes, it’s tough but do it anyways. It’s for your own good. Things will heal and everything’s gonna be okay inshaa’Allah (:


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